Britain’s wildlife can be secretive, so often goes unnoticed. This series reveals the hidden lives of both the familiar and the more unusual animals with which we share our island home.

Over 2017 I was commissioned by Plimsoll Productions Ltd to shoot a number of sequences on British wildlife for their new series. Shooting everything from long lens, giro stabilised moves, extreme macro and complicated timelapses.


Please click here to see the trailer - 

EP1 Mountains - Sundew extreme macro.

EP4 Water Worlds - Water Spiders.

EP8 Cities - Slow worms.













Weekly Series on Channel 5: Starting Tuesday 06 March 9pm

Episodes will cover the following:

Ep 1 - Mountains - (Sundew extreme macro and time-lapse's)
Ep 2 - Forests
Ep 3 - Coasts
Ep 4 - Water Worlds - (Natural history stories on beavers, dragon fly emergence and water spiders)
Ep 5 - Islands
EP 6 - Rivers - (Natural history story on beavers)
Ep 7 - Countryside - (Sand lizard story and the potter wasp sequence)
Ep 8 - Cities - (Garden slow worm and slug story)