Pete Cayless is a fully trained Shotover technician and operator. Pete Cayless is fully insured and can supply the M1 or F1.



 A small and lightweight 6-axis gyro stabilized gimbal platform designed to meet the needs of 2K, 4K and 8K live broadcast. The SHOTOVER M1 features an open platform design that allows for future resolution growth, while delivering unshakable stability and unmatched look down capability. Like all SHOTOVER systems, the M1 is backed by industry-leading 24/7 service and support.

The M1 can take various payloads including Red's DSMC2 cameras. Lens options vary from cine primes, Canon 30-300mm and the Canon CN20. Ideal for shooting wildlife and behaviour. Both the M1 and F1 can be mounted in any number of ways either on, 4x4's, boats or helicopters.



A 6-axis gyro stabilized platform that delivers unshakable stability with unmatched look down capability for use inverted, or right side up—on almost anything that moves. It rigs fast and accommodates hundreds of camera and lens combinations, for the look you want. Its compact carbon fiber construction means it ships as excess baggage on commercial flights worldwide with no export restrictions.

The F1 can take more camera and lens combinations than the M1. Please ask for more details.