A majestic female elephant leads her herd in search of a new place to call home, in this empowering and breathtaking documentary from veteran wildlife filmmakers Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble.


 The Elephant Queen had it's World Premire at Toronto International Film Festival September 2018



For four years of my life, I lived my childhood dreams. Barefoot and living wild amongst elephants in Kenya. Living in a small tented camp with five other people. We filmed an incredible story. 


Camp life can be pretty exciting at times. You experience all sorts of species and not all the creatures were welcome. Living in the bush heightens all your senses, especially your peripheral vision and hearing.


We used to find these centipedes wandering around camp and in our tents. They are huge, fast, fearsome and should be treated with caution as they have a nasty bite.


Life in the bush kept us constantly on our toes, especially at night. Even the simplest of tasks became rather interesting.


Soundscapes From Africa

Without the noise of civilisation you soon notice the natural sounds in great detail. Listening to them now evokes many memories and feelings from working on The Elephant Movie.