I have extensive experience in the field shooting everything from long lens, low light, gyro stabilised systems, drone work, cable dollies, and cranes. I can also build and light sets, shoot macro, motion time-lapse and time studies.

I love tech and am continually looking for new technology to enhance the stories. I love to push the boundaries of image capture and am constantly investing in new kit. I can bring a whole range of equipment to the table.

I have worked across many roles in production and have experience in everything from research to sound recording to post production. I'm fully conversant and experienced in the management and backing up of data for different editing platforms, having spent around eleven years working in the field.

During the four years I spent working on The Elephant Movie, I worked across the whole production. Being the camera assistant and second camera, I oversaw every role from; being in charge of all equipment, second camera, filming a sequence, sound recording, DIT, hide work, timelapses, behind the scenes filming, production stills, fly camp management, light mechanics for the 4x4s to research, going on recces and tracking wildlife. I also helped with the running and refuelling of the two cessna aircraft.