This year has been very busy for me working across a wide range of high budget blue chips.


Quibi TV

Principal filming on a new and exciting series for Quibi TV


Filming of a high end series for Apple TV+


I'm currently working across a new and exciting series for Netflix, which will be finished by the end of year 2019. More to be announced later next year.

Field Diaries

 Below are a few photos from working in the field. Keep an eye out for a few more as the programmes transmit!

 Above - Running around the jungles of Sri Lanka filming in pretty much constant rain. That day I had to use two ponchos to make the dash from the hide to the jeep, keeping the Sony F55 and CN20 (50-1000mm) lens dry.


Above - The view from my hide on Dartmoor filming buzzards.


 Above - One of my favourite views in the Jungles of Sri Lanka.